Who we are

This blog is to share my ideas and my passion about food and cooking. Another purpose is to show that being vegan is not hard at all and that we eat a lot of different dishes. I am in love with travelling as well as with the food of the thousands of civilization in the world.

In my experience, being vegan is a way of life where you have to be imaginative and creative. A “common” meal always has diary products, meat, fish … in order to avoid that you have to create your own dishes.

Becoming vegan was a way of being ethical with my ideologies and having more compassion with the living beings.

I have been vegetarian for long time because I never enjoyed to eat meat. I am vegan for a while and it is already part of my life.

If you want to contact me for any suggestion, question or other issues, email m at: veganbehappy AT gmail.com

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