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First soy milk experience

Today was my first time doing soy milk from scratch.

  • Good surprises, it was really easy to do and I did it without rare tools. I just used a blender, a cheese cloth and a pan. That was all!
  • Another great surprise, the taste was really similar of what I am used to drink as┬ácommercial soy milks and not artificial flavor or additive.
  • Another unexpected fact was OKARA. This is what is left from making soy milk. It can be used with bread, burgers and a kind of parmesan cheese.

Interesting … right!

Soja yogurt

My next project is to make soja yogurt derivatives as I got a yogurt maker. I am still researching on how do the things but in my to-do list are:

- Soja yogurt

- Greek style yogurt (yogurt cheese) as in Fat Free Vegan K.

- Ricotta

I will post back how this little project goes.


Welcome to my new blog about vegan life. It is meant to share information about being vegan, interesting things and for sure lots of recipes

I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.