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Risotto & stew veggies

As a kid growing up in València, you always get white rice with olive oil, laurel and garlic when you have stomach ache (such as indigestion). We believe that it is easy to digest and has a mild taste. I loved it as a child and I still enjoy a lot to eat a good plain risotto with olive oil. It is so tasty and yummy, however one has to use the proper rice (in my opinion, the best one is rice from “L’horta de València“).

We served the risotto with a veggie stew made of carrots, onions, courgette, aubergine, broccoli, cauliflower, red and green pepper and … I think that I did not forget any veggie.

If you want to know a bit of history of València, I found a nice article (it is in catalan, try to translate it otherwise ask me for help). In this article you will see that actually the paella is not a Spanish dish, as it is known in the rest of the world. The traditional Spanish cuisine does not use rice, even though Spanish people can eat a lot of it. You will find out that the rice comes from the Catalan countries, as well as most of the traditional rice dishes eaten by Spanish.