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Schorseneer or black salsify

This post is about schorseneer or black salsify and it is one of the most strange things that I found this year in the Netherlands. Where I come from, it is not normal in winter to have so many different types of roots, turnips or in general tubers. So apparently here is the paradise of all these tubers since the winter is so cold, that is the only thing that naturally grows here. In old times, they were known as the asparagus of the poor people since they resemble in shape. Here I could only find them in the natural store Eko Plaza. They are not eaten commonly anymore in Dutch families.

Here are black salsify roots sprinkled with some salt, pepper of may colors and dried garlic with some drops of oil.

I accompanied them with a sauté of leek, mushrooms, sprouted soy and some turnip cooked with sesame oil.

Stuffed mushrooms

Enjoy eating big mushrooms stuffed with soy sprouts and tofu.


- 8 big size mushrooms (white mushroom)

- 2 onions

- 200g of sprouted soy

- 100g tofu

- oregano, salt, pepper, oil and cayenne pepper

- Salad is a suggestion for the serving


Stir fry the onions, the sprouts and the tofu in a pan and add the salt, pepper and some cayenne to taste. Meanwhile, clean the mushrooms and remove carefully the stem. Place the mushroom up side down in an oven plate and when the vegetables are already well cooked, stuff the mushrooms with the vegetables and put some oregano on the top. Place them in the oven for around  20 min and bon appetite.