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Moroccan chickpea salad with couscous

After the Queen’s night (koninginnenacht) in Den Haag, we went to the famous Queen’s day (koninginnedag) markets. Look what a nice plate I found. It was really nice to walk around the markets full of old things. Basically you can sell whatever you want and in practice what happens is that the people empty their storage rooms or garages of unwanted things (old coffee machines, old dishes, old video games, old cloth, old bikes …) and sell it for the money you agree to pay. With the cultural mix of Netherlands, it was wonderful the mix of stuff you could get. You could also find people selling food on the street, this time no matters if you are an expert cook or not, simply put your post in a good place and sell food . This year, one friend of mine was selling Indian food and I am thinking that for the next year, I might put a post of vegan food.

In the photo you see a Moroccan chickpea salad with tofu cheesy sauce and couscous. The salad had lettuce, rocket leaves, onion, tomatoes, chickpeas, roasted bell paper and it was seasoned with lemon and olive oil. The tofu cheesy sauce was made with 150g of tofu, 2 tablespoons of water, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, some lemon, salt and dill. The couscous was mixed with some raisins and special spices for couscous that I got in one of my trips to France. As well on the side, you can see tomato with tofu salad. Great combination for such a plate.

Hummus and Veggies, lovely snack :-)

That might be the last post that I do from the lovely city of Lisbon. I had a great time here although the weather was too hot to my taste. However, this weather helps to have great veggies all year round. Yesterday was a hot day and we just felt to eat some nice veggies with a dipping sauce. You can use this recipe as party snack, as a starter in a meal or as you wish, but try it, it is worth it.


  • For the hummus:

- chickpeas (in a can or cook them in advance)

- garlic

- 1 green chili

- cumin powder

- coriander powder

- olive oil, salt and pepper to taste

  • Veggies to dip:

- 3 carrots

- celery

- 1 green and red pepper

- 2 tomatoes

- some broccoli


  • Hummus: with a blender, mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Add some water if the paste is to thick and the condiments as you like.

With the veggies sliced, place them on the plate and …. start to dip in!

Indian dinner

You can see from top to bottom: Aloo gobi, potato bhaji and Missi roti (gram flour roti). As a drink we had some mango lassi. A gorgeous dinner with a lot of turmeric.