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Panades – typical from the island of Mallorca

This is another post about the typical cuisine around the Mediterranean sea. This time is the turn of an island called Mallorca. It is a favorite tourist destination for Germans and Britons. There are some neighborhoods where you can get wurst and pints but in other neighborhoods the traditional Mallorcan – Catalan food and culture remains such as ensaïmades, sobrassada, coquets, … and espardenyes. Unfortunately not vegan food however vegetarian or vegan versions are available.

One of the traditional things that are cooked now in Mallorca is Panada. The version that we cooked is a vegan option which actually it is really typical and you can find it everywhere in Easter time. The panada is filled with peas and onion, so simple and tasty. Usually the panada dough is made with white flour, but we used a multi-grain one.

The dough proportions are: 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil, 1/2 cup of water with a pinch of salt and add the flour that the dough needs to not get sticky. In order to shape them, just make a small ball and start from the center making a small bowl. Later when you have filled it with the peas mix, cover it with a thin round piece of dough and then roll the end to seal it well. Apparently this step is an art and you learn it by making a lot of them once a year. As you can see, I am starting in this business and my edges are not so gorgeous as they should be.

Arros al forn

This weekend I am visting family in València. The weather is great and the food as well. Today I cooked one of my favourite rice dishes that the València cuisine offers. It is known as arros al forn which translates as rice in the oven. Basically the ingredients are the ones that you can see in the photo: tomato, potato, chickpeas, garlic, spring onion, rice, paprika powder and a pinch of saffron. It has simple ingredients, however the combination makes it delicious.  Always when I visit my family this is one of the meals that I ask for. I tried to make it several times abroad however it is never as the one cooked here. I don’t know why because I follow the same steps however here always taste much better. For sure it is the mix of all the gorgeous mediterranean ingredients that I use in València what makes the difference.




Rosquilletes from València

After two weeks in Cargese, Corsica I am back to the Nederlands. This is a typical snack in València made of flour, water, a pinch of salt and some  seeds