Here you have the blog roll with the recipes divided by category.


Caldo verde
Pia's soup
Lentil soup with plums
Orange & carrot soup


Snacks & starters

Stuffed mushrooms
Indian dinner
Hummus and veggies, lovely snack
Courgette with pasta and aubergine snack
Raw sushi


Main course

Aubergine casserole
Stuffed mushrooms
Veggie sushi with lemon-ginger sauce
Indian dinner
Thai red curry with 3 types of quinoa
Courgette with pasta and aubergine snack
Rissoto & stew veggies
Ethiopian dinner
Matteo's gnocchi
Onigiri, perfect for lunch box
Schorseneer or black salsify
Arroz al forn
Panades - typical from the island of Mallorca



Breads & muffins

Chocolate cupcakes with coconut fudge frosting
Oat – Flax bread
Black and white cupcakes
Sunday morning muffins
Pumpkin bread
Rosquilletes from València




Granita mix
Tofu cake & strawberry jam
Lemon – Orange cake




Spicy chocolate
Chocolate chips cookies
Granita mix
Speculaas cookies
Double chocolate cookies – GF





Coconut and almond pudding
Little peache pies