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First soy milk experience

Today was my first time doing soy milk from scratch.

  • Good surprises, it was really easy to do and I did it without rare tools. I just used a blender, a cheese cloth and a pan. That was all!
  • Another great surprise, the taste was really similar of what I am used to drink as┬ácommercial soy milks and not artificial flavor or additive.
  • Another unexpected fact was OKARA. This is what is left from making soy milk. It can be used with bread, burgers and a kind of parmesan cheese.

Interesting … right!

Soja yogurt

My next project is to make soja yogurt derivatives as I got a yogurt maker. I am still researching on how do the things but in my to-do list are:

- Soja yogurt

- Greek style yogurt (yogurt cheese) as in Fat Free Vegan K.

- Ricotta

I will post back how this little project goes.