Growing our veggies

It has being a while since I wrote here. In one way or another, I always find reasons not to do it, shame on me. However, I want to share what I have been doing since the spring started, around March. We acquired a communal plot from the city hall (this is quite a standard concept in The Netherlands). Basically, we went to the city hall and asked for a small piece of land from public land. Usually these pieces are along the train tracks, on the side of roads,…, spare land that people can use in an amazing way, growing your own veggies. So basically, since then we have being working on the plot to grow our own veggies. Things are no so easy as just go there and put the seeds, the climate here changes a lot during the summer (rain, hail, storms, … luckily some sun) making our tasks difficult. But despite the weather, we managed to successfully grow some veggies. I have to say that some better than others but we cannot change the climate. And another small difficulty we also had is the presence of certain animals around the plot, like ducks, ravens, rabbits and others. You know, some of the plants were left intact and others were completely eaten, animals as well have taste for greens! To solve this problem, we put a net trying to cover almost everything and it worked.

In our experience, green stuff are the best to grow in this climate but we are also trying some other things that need heat, for instance, tomatoes, paprikas, aubergines, lima beans.  So far not so successful but looking at the forecast, we hope to get at least something out.

Now I list all the different things that we try to grow and if possible to eat! Rocket salad, Boston lettuce, curly red lettuce, carrots, onions, garlic, fava beans, swiss chard, flat beans, lima beans, green Italian pepper, spinach, chives, peas, kohlrabi, kale, mint, coriander, strawberries,… I think this is a quite complete list of what we try to grow in about 30 square meters. Awesome!

Below some of the things that we are currently growing. By order: onion, French bean, flat bean, Swiss chard, green Italian pepper and Valencian tomatoes.





































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