:: Happy new year ::

Happy new year to all of you… and all our best wishes for the coming year. This year for us is going to be full of changes and hopefully good ones.

A resolution for the year: we hope that our lovely new-arrived cat LUA (Moon in Portuguese language) will feel completely integrated and be happy with us. It is improving little by little, recently she started to say meow… lovely! However we can still feel that the shelter period.


A resolution for this blog: we expect to post more and more about delicious food and this time around the world, well part of it. In a near future, we are travelling to the US, Scotland, Germany, Italy, … and hopefully more and more, so keep tuned and you will hear of lovely stories about eating vegan in our trips. A heads-up: most probably we will be able to attend the “NYC Vegetarian Food Festival”, did anyone of you go the last year? and if you are planing to go, … what I should not miss?



Something that we never mentioned here and simply appeared in our blog is a blog roll named “Viet Nam Trip“. This is a small collection of photos related to food that we collected in our month trip to Viet Nam. It was a great trip and not that difficult to be vegan. There is a large Buddhist influence and that was something to thank for. Every full and new moon, many Buddhist Vietnamese would eat vegan food. On those days, Quán Chay (vegetarian/vegan) restaurants were completely packed making it harder for us to find a place to eat. Actually, the restaurants themselves were much easier to find, due to the congregation of motorbikes parked outside! The whole family was there, from grand mum or dad until a baby, all of them eating Quán Chay.

Below you can see a sketch of our trip and a small selection of the food we ate.

To sum up: An amazing trip full of colors, adventures and nice people.


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