Vegan “cheese” – homemade

Bread and cheese is the perfect combination to have as a snack along with a beer. Almost all cafés around here offer a selection of cheeses with bread and mustard. Then, we decided to have our own vegan cheese snack along with a beer. You can see in the picture homemade wholegrain bread with vegan cheese flavoured with dill, mustard and pepper. Most of the recipes for vegan cheese call for cashew nuts, instead we used peanuts as they contain less fat and have more proteins than cashews. Yet the combination was great and we almost could not taste the difference.


Now a question that you might have is what makes the peanuts become so compact. One of the key ingredients for vegan cheeses is the use of agar-agar. It is a part from the seaweed family, and fiber is one of its main components. To use it, basically you boil few agar-agar flakes in some water until they are dissolved and later if you let it cool down, you end up with the same texture as animal jelly. So by making a peanut paste, adding the agar-agar water mix and the flavour you desire, you will end up with a nice flavoured vegan cheese.

We would love that some vegetarian restaurants or cafés would offer such a great snack on their menu, unfortunately none of the ones that we frequent have something like this. Neither in natural stores we are able to buy a big variety of vegan “cheese”-like products. Are you in a similar situation? Let us know what kind of products are available in your natural store and which ones would you like to have access to. Perhaps we can get inspired and create new ways of vegan “cheese” at home.

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