Pomegranate smoothie


It is the season for pomegranate. After a hot summer, the seeds have a dark red colour and they are delicious and really sweet. One of the best ways to eat pomegranate seeds is simply raw in a juice, in salads with nuts and raisins or, if you have a sweet tooth, just add some sugar.  The pomegranate tree was domesticated long long time ago and that is the reason why in almost any culture the pomegranate is present. In most ancient cultures, it is known as the fruit of fertility, prosperity and youth. It was so important in early times that even a city has its name, Granada in Spain. Nowadays cosmetic companies exploit its amazing properties by including it in facial creams, usually advertising it as antioxidant due to its high level of vitamin C.

Pomegranate smoothie combined with apple and banana

VeganMofo 2011 is over already. This was our first year and what a pity that we did not manage to publish the 20 posts required, however we were not far from that number. Now we will keep on posting with the VeganMofo category because we had some drafts that didn’t appear on time.

  1. Lovely smoothie. Pomegranate looks like gem crystals on top of your smoothie. I love that this is so filled with vitamins and minerals. Perfect for a power breakfast!

  2. I’ve only ever bought a pomegranate once, and it wound up rotting before I ever got to use it!
    I really need to give it a second chance!

    • Vegan Be Happy

      Indeed, give it a second chance. Start trying smoothies, salads, …
      If you find an amazing way of using pomegranate, tell us. We will love it <3

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