Spelt digestive biscuits

Today we baked some 30 spelt digestive biscuits, following more or less the recipe presented in River Cottage Handbook No.3 (see the recent post about bread). Spelt is an ancient variety of wheat, and was common in Europe before the Middle Ages; we use organically grown wholewheat spelt grown in Germany. Besides spelt, the biscuits are made with an equal amount of oatmeal (having run out of oatmeal, we ended up grinding some oats ourselves). The recipe is supposed to make 40, probably we didn’t flatten the dough enough, which is quite tricky as it’s pretty sticky. We reduced the amounts of butter and sugar, in an attempt to make the biscuits a bit healthier. Still, they are quite yummy!

P.S. The sourdough starter is almost ready to go, stay tuned.




  1. Brilliant! And super cute photos. =)

  2. These look really delicious!

    Could you post the recipe for these cookies?

    I want to try out different ways of baking this year and am searching for sugar-free wholewheat spelt recipes, especially cookies, cakes, sponge, tart and so on!

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