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De wankele tafel

The other day, I had to celebrate some good news with people, I found some explanation for my work and as I was so excited that we went for dinner to De wankele tafel (in English: the wobbly table). This place is small, cozy and humidly warm. They have around eight tables, a counter and a small kitchen. In my view, the place is run by a Dutch couple, but I am not sure about this fact. He was cooking amazing dishes in the kitchen and she was serving them with sympathy and delicacy. The menu is simple but rich. I ordered the soup of the day which consisted of parsnip with a touch of mustard, great combination of flavours. As main dish I ordered the plate with sate temphe, curried lentils with rice and a baked banana. The portion is was big so if you are not so hungry, it can perfectly be shared by two. And later, I ordered a haverklap (the name is derived from the Dutch expression: om de haverklap)  which is a slice of oat cake as dessert. Ouhh that was really good, it had a crunchy crust, nice applesauce taste and a big hint of cinnamon.



One of the things that I like the most during relaxed days is to go to Baklust and get a nice lovely Vegan cake. This is one of the few places that I have around where they have regular vegan cakes and pastries. The place is really cozy to go with some friends and have a nice chat, also just to go alone and read or just do nothing and contemplate the canal that runs in front of it (look at the pictures on the website). I love the tables, each of them of unique form, color and with all kinds of chairs … Usually the waiters are young people that speak Dutch and English with no problem. The menu consists of soups of the day, quiches of different kinds or empanada, several salads and main dishes. All the dishes can be chosen with fresh self baked bread. More or less half of the menu is vegan and on request they can veganise dishes if possible. As well they usually have several fresh smoothies and juices. I forgot to mention just as an small note that the products are biological/organic.

Just to show you a bit, the other Sunday I just popped in and I asked for the delicious vegan chocolate cake with cranberry and strawberry filling and some mascarpone-like cream on the top. It was delicious with a nice coffee and the waiter intentionally made sure that my cookie was also vegan, lovely no!

Colby uncheese with crackers

When becoming vegan, one is always afraid of missing to eat cheese in all kind of forms: in sandwiches, roasted, as a spread, dipping sauces, … However, and to my surprise as well, there are substitutes that work perfectly well and I would say that they are even better than the real cheeses.

Recently I have made several different recipes that required cheese however following some recipes and reading in different blogs, I made an awesome “cheese” banana cake, a “cheese” dipping sauce and what it is posted here a “cheese” for crackers. All the recipes are soy free and if you want to be a bit more inventive and create alternatives for cheese without soy products, I really recommend you this book: “The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook“. There are a lot of different recipes with cheese alternatives and the author gives you the alternative to cook with soy or be soy free. A heads-up with respect to the key ingredients, you will have to fill up your cupboards with nutritional yeast, white kidney beans, cashew nuts and agar agar.

The uncheese from the photo resembles “Colby cheese” and really believe me it is awesome