Monthly Archives: September 2010

First soy milk experience

Today was my first time doing soy milk from scratch.

  • Good surprises, it was really easy to do and I did it without rare tools. I just used a blender, a cheese cloth and a pan. That was all!
  • Another great surprise, the taste was really similar of what I am used to drink as commercial soy milks and not artificial flavor or additive.
  • Another unexpected fact was OKARA. This is what is left from making soy milk. It can be used with bread, burgers and a kind of parmesan cheese.

Interesting … right!

Sunday morning muffins

I had my aunt and my cousin visiting and I baked nice chocolate muffins with some dried banana on top. It was a great way to start the Sunday that later we spent in Amsterdam walking around and getting wet.

Courgette with pasta and aubergine snack

A lovely Sunday lunch …

First we start with a nice baked bread with some oregano on top and eat it with roasted aubergine and red pepper.

And later, a lovely whole grain pasta with courgette and champiognon tomato sauce.

Thai red curry with 3 types of quinoa

Since my first time that I went to a Thai restaurant, I fell in love with the red curry. I tried several times to do it from scratch myself but it was never as good as in the restaurant. After that, I searched for a red curry paste that was vegan and that took a while. But finally I found one that did not have prawn or fish taste.

As you see from the photo, we use 3 types of quinoa (white, red and brown). To my surprise each of them has a different flavor. If you can find them, give them a try.


- 1 0nion

- 2 cloves of garlic

- 2 carrots

- 1 red pepper

- 100g runner beans

- 250ml coconut milk

- 2 tablespoons red curry paste


Start by stir frying all the vegetables in a big wok. When they are golden add the red curry paste and let it heat for a while. Just right after add the coconut milk and let it cook. I do not recommend you to add salt before the red paste, usually those pastes contain salt and add already a strong flavor to the dish. Try it before adding the salt. Do not let the coconut milk cook for a long time otherwise you will end up with no sauce (I let mine cook around 10min in small fire). In a separate sauce pan, cook the quinoa until it becomes soft (usually 20min). And voila! mix quinoa with the sauce and enjoy it.

Hummus and Veggies, lovely snack :-)

That might be the last post that I do from the lovely city of Lisbon. I had a great time here although the weather was too hot to my taste. However, this weather helps to have great veggies all year round. Yesterday was a hot day and we just felt to eat some nice veggies with a dipping sauce. You can use this recipe as party snack, as a starter in a meal or as you wish, but try it, it is worth it.


  • For the hummus:

- chickpeas (in a can or cook them in advance)

- garlic

- 1 green chili

- cumin powder

- coriander powder

- olive oil, salt and pepper to taste

  • Veggies to dip:

- 3 carrots

- celery

- 1 green and red pepper

- 2 tomatoes

- some broccoli


  • Hummus: with a blender, mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Add some water if the paste is to thick and the condiments as you like.

With the veggies sliced, place them on the plate and …. start to dip in!