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Spicy chocolate

This recipe was shown to me by a friend that loves chili peppers. It is really easy to do and you can make a wide variety of shapes and use different nuts for the inside of the bonbon (I bet that with pistachios will be gorgeous).

- 250g pure or culinary chocolate
- 2 teaspoons grained chili pepper or chili powder
- 20 cashew nuts

With the bain-marie technique melt the chocolate until it becomes a smooth paste. When it has become an homogeneous paste, sprinkle the chili pepper and leave it on the fire around 5 min, and the chocolate will get a nice chili taste. Later, carefully spread the chocolate either on top of a cashew nut or on plain cellulose paper. Before to eat it, leave them around 30 min in a cold place. A graphic with the steps to follow can be seen below.

Uhmmmmmm! yummy yummy

Aubergine casserole

This recipe was inspired by the traditional Greek musaka plate, but of course a vegan version. This course has been cooked for a dinner that we had with two friends (an Italian and a Swiss) with whom we had the joke of starting a game that is familiar to most of us: “Find the vegan”, maybe we can play another day.

- 3 potatoes
- 2 aubergines
- 2 tomatoes
- 200g spinach
- 1 onion
- 250ml soy cream
- 2 teaspoons sweet paprika
- oregano
- Salt, pepper and olive oil


This recipe requires some effort, things need to be cooked separately and then joined together.
- In the first place, peel the potatoes and cut them in thin sliced and boil them in a sauce pan. In another pan, boil the spinach until it loses all its water.
- In the second place, in a pan fry the onion really well, when it is done add the paprika, oregano, pepper and the small chopped tomatoes. After 10 min add the soy cream and some salt, stir and leave it cooking on low fire.
- In the third place, use a grill pan or a pan with a thick bottom for toasting the potatoes and the aubergine until they get a nice brownish color. I prefer not use oil in that process but that is a matter of taste.
- And finally, in a oven pan or casserole we have to join all ingredients in layers. First, cover the bottom with a layer of potatoes (use half of the potatoes), on top put a layer of the soy cream. Now, put all the aubergine between the cream, that will make the aubergine to acquire a melted texture. Finally, cover the top with remaining potatoes. Put the casserole in the oven and leave it around 30 min at 180C or until the top potato layer gets the desired toasted color.


Welcome to my new blog about vegan life. It is meant to share information about being vegan, interesting things and for sure lots of recipes

I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.

Who we are

This blog is to share my ideas and my passion about food and cooking. Another purpose is to show that being vegan is not hard at all and that we eat a lot of different dishes. I am in love with travelling as well as with the food of the thousands of civilization in the world.

In my experience, being vegan is a way of life where you have to be imaginative and creative. A “common” meal always has diary products, meat, fish … in order to avoid that you have to create your own dishes.

Becoming vegan was a way of being ethical with my ideologies and having more compassion with the living beings.

I have been vegetarian for long time because I never enjoyed to eat meat. I am vegan for a while and it is already part of my life.

If you want to contact me for any suggestion, question or other issues, email m at: veganbehappy AT